John Henry Schadewitz

John Henry Schadewitz, age 93, resident of The Dalles, Oregon, passed away at a local hospital, July 2, 2019.  

     John Schadewitz, a long-time farmer and rancher of Sherman County and recently of The Dalles, Oregon passed away peacefully at the age of 93 on July 2, 2019. 

     John was born on June 6, 1926 in The Dalles, Oregon, the only child of Carl and Polly ( Wilson )  Schadewitz.   He  attended  grade  school  in  Kent,  Oregon,  and graduated from Moro High School in 1945. John turned 18 years old on D-Day of WWII and traveled with his dad to town to register for the draft.  Later he was called in for an interview with a recruiting officer.  John was asked what he was doing on his family farm and John said, “Well, we have milk cows, beef cows, pigs, and chickens.  We are also harvesting hay and wheat.”  The officer responded, “I think you are doing more good for the country on the farm than in the Army.”  John was not drafted for WWII.

     In 1955 John joined the United States Army and served as a mechanic at the US Army Transfer Station Fort Ord, also at the Army Base Hunter Liggett, in Monterey, California  during  the  Korean  War.   After  his  time  in  the  service, he returned to Sherman County to work with his parents and later to take over and operate the family wheat and cattle ranch until retiring. John was elected Sherman County Commissioner in 1980 and served in that position for 15 years.  Many of his hours were spent in meetings, travel, and county court proceedings. John  loved  to  visit,  to  share  a  meal  or  celebrate  a  holiday with friends and neighbors. 

     John found his Valentine and married Levina Jefferies on February 14th, 1981, they resided on the ranch near Kent. John and his family are remembered for their kindness and generosity.  They purchased many coats and shoes for neighborhood children in need of them during cold winters.  John shared his life and his livelihood to the lifelong benefit of others.  John, who’s giving heart followed in the footsteps of his parents, many times in many ways, provided  incredible levels of generosity. 

     John was preceded in death by his father, Carl; mother, Polly; and wife, Levina.  He is survived by a community of good friends and neighbors. 


Mark Powell